Frequently Asked Questions

What is Purplship?

Purplship is a toolkit for multi-carrier shipping API integration.

How much does Purplship cost?

Purplship offer different sets of pricing adapted your preferences. We offer a pay as you use and a fixed monthly subscription fee depending on your shipping needs.

Why should I use Purplship?

PurplShip primary mission is to make shipping integration accessible. Not only by reducing the complexity of a typical integration process but with a long-term vision of open source. We believe in transparency; therefore no data from your usages get stored on our servers.

Do I need to download software?

Depending on your needs you are not required to download anything. Purplship is offered as an API to which you can directly communicate through HTTP. For your convenience, we provide a quick starters SDK for different programming languages.

How can I remove my account?

It is quite simple in your account settings you can choose to delete your account.

How do I setup my own shipper accounts?

Purplship offers a dashboard from which you can control your dedicated service and customize, add or remove your carriers account numbers.

Can I use my negotiated rates with carriers?

Similar to the account number you can use your own negotiated rate by setting them up from the dashboard or specify them during you request to Purplship API.

How can I check my transactions history?

The transaction history with be listed in the user account billing panel

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal, and all the credit card supported by Stripe

How do I connect Shopify to PuplShip?

PurplShip REST API brings the flexibility of communication through HTTP. Also, we offer a set of SDK and code sample to get started with Purplship easily.

How do I connect WooCommerce / Wordpress to PurplShip?

Use the PurplShip clients libraries of your choice into your WooCommerce/Wordpress plugin code.

How does it work?

PurplShip is a simple to use REST web API which exposes shipping carriers features with a unified API for ease of use.

Who is behind Purplship?

PurplShip is powered by a software engineer initiative to solve the lack of an open and accessible solution to make shipping carrier APIs integration.

What is the purpose of Purplship?

PurplShip is a robust, transparent bridge allowing creators to integrate Shipping API without the complexity and the need to struggle with the various carriers documentation.

How do I track shipments?

PurplShip offer a simple set of HTTP endpoints capable of retrieving a shipment tracking state from all the supported carriers

How do I create my first label?

It is quite simple. After submitting a shipment creation request, PurplShip will return a confirmation of the operation with the detailed shipping label.

How do I ship internationally?

Shipping internationally is quite straightforward. In addition to the desired destination PurplShip forward to the provider all the required documents and details for customs.